When You Follow The Media

I’ve tried to avoid this topic because it’s one of those things that only idiots argue about. I’m referring to the Brock Lesnar USADA exemption.

Recently a media member, who has me blocked on twitter, wrote an article about Brock Lesnar receiving the 4 month exemption to the USADA testing. The fact that he has me blocked has nothing to do with me calling him out on some of his previous work. Anyways…

After this article was written, of course the casual fan went crazy saying the UFC is treating Lesnar differently. There’s no doubt that the UFC needs Brock Lesnar to make UFC 200 the huge event that they promised. However, Brock Lesnar is not receiving special treatment. USADA, which is led by Jeff¬†Novitzky, and might very well be Agent 47, doesn’t care that Brock Lesnar is bringing in millions of dollars to the event. Jeff “Agent 47” Novitzky just wants to catch Brock Lesnar cheating. Novitzky is one of the few guys who will trust his gut and test a guy solely on what he calls a “smell test”. Not only that but Novitsky is holding a seminar at the ABC summit entitled “Decoding PED usage on social media”.

Besides Agent 47’s intense pursuit of PED users. Brock Lesnar is not the only fighter to receive this exemption. But apparently no one told Mark Hunt… or the big mouthed Brendan Schaub that. What do you think happens when a fighter pulls out and they sign a short notice fighter as a replacement? Do you think Novitzky goes back in time and tests that fighter 4 months prior to them signing the contract. Most recently Jonathan Meunier fought Colby Covington as a later replacement. Colby was expected to face Alex Garcia but Garcia pulled out of the fight with an injury.

But of course the “journalist” who published the Brock story did not cover the Meunier story. No… why would he?

Not only that, but out of the 433 fighters to be tested this year, Brock Lesnar (tested 5 times) has already been tested more times than 397 of those fighters. There’s only 17 fighters who have been tested more often than Brock this year. Some of those fighters are Cain Velasquez, Jon Jones, Holly Holm, Hector Lombard, Anderson Silva and Michael Bisping.

So now that you know all of this, enjoy the obnoxious video of Brendan Schaub just being completely ignorant and his buddy Callen… as usual¬†being inaccurate.


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