Don’t Shoot The Messenger

Jon Jones is now the latest Mixed Martial Arts fighter to get popped by USADA and Jeff Novitsky. But some fans, including some media members, aren’t as angry at the athletes as they are USADA.

If you don’t believe me… just search “USADA ruining” on twitter and read through the garbage.

Of course, like any other MMA fan, I am bummed that the biggest card of this decade got ruined because Jon Jones got popped. But it’s not USADA’s fault, it’s the athletes. For years athletes and fans complained about steroid users and how steroids were a big problem in our sport. Well, the UFC decided to do something about it and I for one love the new testing being done by USADA.

I’m not saying Jon Jones knowingly took a PED, but as we all know, you can’t just take any supplement you want because the manufacturer is paying for you to post pictures of you taking it. Jon has no excuse as to why he couldn’t have the supplements tested. He has more than enough money to be as professional as possible and get his ducks in a row. But then again, when has Jon been a professional.

The only questionable decision by USADA would be the timing of the announcement. Again, I don’t know how long it takes to process these samples or when Jeff Novitzky knew about the results. But if Jeff did wait until the last minute just so he could be in the headlines, that’s sad. If the results had been revealed sooner, the possibility of finding a replacement for Daniel Cormier would be higher. But then again, Jeff might have found out last night at 11pm and announced it at midnight. We don’t know.

In the end, USADA is not the problem, ignorance and laziness is the problem.


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