The MMA Media’s Boys Club

Earlier today a “journalist” named Elias wrote an article that was later taken down by FOX. He later re-uploaded the post to his Facebook and started to play the victim of censorship. I was tweeted the article by one of my followers and I read the whole thing. Elias made some very good points until I got to the end of his article. I’ve quoted it below in case he ever decides to remove it:

Now, we know that Lesnar actually failed a USADA test more than a week prior to the fight. So, why did USADA and the UFC allow the fight to go on?

Why was the test result only announced nearly a week after Hunt absorbed dozens of concussive blows to the head? USADA and the UFC need to answer these types of questions much better than they have up to this point for this and other similar instances.

Now like any other educated MMA fan, I tweeted him and asked him how he knew that the UFC/USADA knew about Brock’s results before the event. Because Brock submitted a test on June 28th, however the results were not ready until July 14th. So maybe Elias knew something we didn’t? Nope. He just lied in his article and refuses to answer any questions.

Not only does Elias refuse to answer any questions from myself or other readers but his buddies in the MMA media keep sharing his article under the impression that he is being censored.

Dave Doyle just decided to start blocking people who were asking legit questions. Mike just logged off and doesn’t reply to people. This is only one example of the MMA media writing misleading stories. Normally it’s a click bait attempt but this is more than that. It’s unprofessional, inaccurate reporting.

However, not all MMA media are part of the boys club. Here’s NY Times Journalist, Scott Neumyer calling it how it is:

Elias’ credibility is non-existent, and every journalist who shares this story claiming censorship is right there with him. Feel free to ask Elias the same question, he won’t answer you. But tell him his article is a great read, and he will retweet you immediately.


FOX released a statement regarding Elias’ article.

Update (5:09 p.m.): Fox Sports sent over the following statement:

The article was removed because the author circumvented our editorial process by publishing the story directly to the site without first submitting to an editor for review. Furthermore, the author made unsubstantiated allegations that compromised the integrity of the report.


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