The Depth Of The Women’s 145

When I put out my Depth of MMA article I did not include the Women’s 145 division because this division does not exist in the UFC. But lately there’s been a lot of talk about creating the 145 division instead of making Cris Cyborg drop to 140.

So I decided to take the top 15 Female Featherweight fighters in the world according to Tapology. Here are the ELO results, again 1500 is beginner and anything above 2000 is considered elite.

As you can see, there is a sharp drop off in competition. Cyborg competing against lower level competition has actually hurt her career. Going 17-1 (1 NC) and barely passing the 2000 ELO rating is a red flag. Especially if Cyborg loses to any of these ladies. Her rating would drop somewhere around 1950 depending on who she fights. In my research and analysis with ELO ratings I’ve found that the average rating for a debuting fighter in the UFC is around 1800 +/- 20 ELO points.

So going off of this 1800 as the “UFC Entry Threshold” not one of the remaining 14 female fighters meet this requirement. I’m sure if the UFC created a female 145 division there would be plenty of ladies moving up from bantamweight division. So the drop off might not be as drastic once you start mixing in some of that talent. But for now this is the snapshot we have of this division. Which would be the shallowest division if you compare it to the rest in my previous article.

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