TUF 24 Rankings

Using my rankings from before the season started IĀ edited the official bracket and seed numbers to reflect my rankings and outcomes. So far the only upset, according to my rankings, was Kara-France over Mitchell. I expect Elliott and Schnell to advance to the next round as well. After the first round is complete, I will update my rankings.

If you’ve read my previous articles on ELO ratings, my rankings are based off of this system. This is just further proof of the effectiveness of this statistical analysis.


Now that the first round is over I ran the remaining fighters through my ELO program for the second time and here are the results:

  1. Alexandre Pantoja
  2. Hiromasa Ogikubo
  3. Tim Elliott
  4. Matt Schnell
  5. Adam Antolin
  6. Eric Shelton
  7. Ronaldo Candido
  8. Kai Kara-France

I expect Pantoja, Ogikubo, Elliott and Shelton to advance to the semi-finals. Again, this is just showing you guys how rankings would change and how we can determine the outcome using these rankings. The only upset so far using ELO is Kara-France over Mitchell.


Using the ELO-Rankings I’ve been able to predict almost every fight for this tournament. The only upset still is Kara-France over Mitchell in the first round. New rankings are as followed:

  1. Alexandre Pantoja
  2. Hiromasa Ogikubo
  3. Tim Elliott
  4. Eric Shelton

I expect Pantoja and Elliot to make it to the final. With Alexandre Pantoja winning the entire tournament.





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