The MTK Boys

March 17th, 2017 former Olympic boxer Michael Conlan  makes his long awaited pro debut. The fight takes place in Madison Square Garden and walking Michael to the ring is UFC Champion Conor McGregor.

Michael Conlan was a part of the 2016 Olympics where he lost in the quarter finals to Russia’s Vladimir Nikitin in what some believed to be a controversial decision. After his loss Michael was quoted saying the following:

“AIBA are cheats, they’re fucking cheats … I’ll never box for AIBA again. They’re cheating bitches. AIBA are just corrupt. They’ve robbed me of my Olympic dream.”

“Obviously Russia can’t dope this time so they are obviously paying the judges a lot more. I will never box an AIBA competition again. Not APB, not WSB, not world championships or Olympic Games. Corruption runs deep … I just think they are rotten to the core.”

After the Olympics Michael Conlan went on to sign with MTK Global. Just like his brother Jamie Conlan (19-0) and fellow Olympian Paddy Barnes (Pro Record: 2-0). MTK Global was previously known as MGM Marbella but re-branded after settling with MGM Resort and Casino.

MTK Global is owned by former boxer Matthew Macklin and funded by the Kinahan Cartel, one of the largest drug cartels in Europe. This is all public knowledge and their boxers know of the cartel connections. When Paddy Barnes signed with MTK he was asked why he did so  knowing the risk of being associated with the cartel. His response:

“MGM were the only ones who have actually offered me something and explained to me the path that they want me to go on. It was only natural and obvious that I was going to go with someone who was going to offer me something.”

Since signing with MTK both Paddy Barnes and Michael Conlan have been banned from fighting in the Republic of Ireland due to their cartel connections. Also fear of another Regency Hotel type shooting occurring at a boxing event.

According to the President of Boxing Union of Ireland, Mel Christle:

Mr Christle said no MTK fighter can at present receive a licence from the Boxing Union, because of the serious security concerns attached to the gym they are signed up to.

After Michael Conlan’s controversial loss at the Olympics he displayed his frustration towards the judges and the boxing commission. Claiming they were corrupt, but several hours before his professional debut rumors started to surface that his fight was fixed.

Watching the fight live with this in the back of your head was strange. You saw Conor McGregor walk Conlan to the ring. The entire crowd was roaring. Then after the fight started you started to realize how little Ibarra was throwing. Conlan picked it up in the 2nd round and started to target the body with some nasty combinations.

Finally the third round, Conlan comes out with great confidence and goes for the finish. Didn’t seem worried for one second and eventually the ref calls the fight with 1.01 left in the round.

However, none of this picked up traction because the star of the show wasn’t Michael Conlan, it was Conor McGregor. If I was to fix a fight and wanted a distraction afterwards, I’d definitely ask Conor McGregor to take the mic, which is what he did.

Conor McGregor and Michael Conlan post-fight

You can either believe that the fight was fixed or maybe Conlan just really wanted to make all his fans a lot of money.

However, let’s not forget about British Boxer Jamie Moore who was confused with Daniel Kinahan outside of MTK Gym and gunned down by hitmen.

Also, Irish Boxer Jamie Kavanagh who was signed to MTK and who’s father and Uncle were killed by the Kinahan cartel for turning on the cartel. Jamie Kavanagh has a court date on June 14th for a charge of violent disorder following his father’s funeral.

These are the current MTK Boys:

Paddy Barnes
Jono Carroll
Jamie Conlan
Mick Conlan
Lewis Crocker
Deco Geraghty
John Hutchinson
Tyrone McCullagh
Marco McCullough
Peter McDonagh
Tyrone McKenna
Ciaran McVarnock
Alfredo Meli
Stephen Ormond
Con Sheehan
Phil Sutcliffe
Gary Sweeney
Ian Tims
Sean Turner
Pauly Upton
Anto Upton
Sonny Upton
Steven Ward
Jamie Kavanagh (unsure)



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